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This is my personal website where I share the latest news about myself and my professional life. I also discuss my ideas and whatever I think is worth to write about here in my blog.

I am excited to have joined the Department of Computer Science at George Mason University as a postdoctoral research fellow to work with Dr. Antonios Anastasopoulos on less-resourced languages.

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Recent Posts

SPARQL query generator for lexicographical data

04 Oct 2021
SPARQL Linked Data Lexicography
Following one of my previous posts on the 10 basic but essential SPARQL queries for lexicographical data on Wikidata, I decided to create a simple SPARQL query generator that helps non-experts get more familiar with SPARQL and also, create queries to look up words in Wikidata and Dbnary quickly on their endpoints (Wikidata’s endpoint, Dbnary’s endpoint). Please note that the translation option is only available for headwords. Also, regarding Dbnary, it is currently not possible...

EndoLinked: A Platform for Documenting Endonyms in Minority and Endangered Languages using Linked Data

15 Mar 2021
Research Proposal Linked data
Given that I cannot currently focus on too many things at the same time due to existing projects, I would like to write this idea in the form of a blog post. To be addressed, hopefully, sometime in the future! There are thousands of languages around the world which are regional, minority, endangered or under-documented. Oftentimes, these languages are spoken within oppressed linguistic communities where the development and documentation of the language have received trivial...