How to help Kurdish language processing?

One of our main objectives in this project is to promote collaborative projects with open-source outcomes. If you are generous and passionate to volunteer and help the Kurdish language, there are three ways you can do so:

  1. If you are a native Kurdish speaker with general knowledge about Kurdish and are comfortable working with computer, contributing to collaboratively-curated resources is the best starting point, particularly to:
  2. If you have expertise in Kurdish linguistics, you can take part in annotation tasks. Having a basic understanding on computational linguistics is a plus but not a must. Please get in touch by joining the KurdishNLP community on Gitter. Our collaborations oftentimes lead to a scientific paper depending on the task. Please check the following repositories to find out about some of our previous projects:

  3. If you are not included in 1 and 2 but have basic knowledge about Kurdish, particularly writing in Kurdish, you are invited to create content online. You can start creating a blog or tweet in Kurdish. After all, every single person is a contributor as well.

In any case, please follow this project and introduce it to your friends. Test the tool and raise your issues so that we can fix them.