CoFiF-a Corpus of Financial Reports in French Language

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Corpus for Finance

CoFiF is the first large corpus comprising company reports in the French language. It contains over 188 million tokens in 2655 reports, covering four types of documents:

  • Reference documents (documents de référence) published annually, usually in the months following the end of the calendar year, and contain information regarding the financial situation and perspectives of a company
  • Annual reports (résultats annuels) which summarises a company’s business and activities throughout the previous year
  • Semestrial reports (résultats semestriels): similar to annual reports in content but published every 6 months
  • Trimestrial reports (résultats trimestriels): similar to annual reports but published every 3 months

These documents are collected from the 60 largest French companies listed in France’s main stock indices CAC40 and CAC Next 20. The corpus spans over 20 years, ranging from 1995 to 2018.

Get CoFiF

CoFiF can be downloaded at The PDF files of the corpus can be found here. In addition to the PDF files which were collected from enterprises (all rights reserved), we provide the reports in raw text without further pre-processing. We also provide a cleaned dataset CoFiF_cleaned_all.txt which was used for training our language model reported in the paper.


If you’re using CoFiF in your research, please don’t forget to cite this paper:

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This corpus is openly available for non-commercial use under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.