KurdNet—the Kurdish WordNet

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KurdNet is the the Kurdish WordNet. WordNet has been used in numerous natural language processing tasks such as word sense disambiguation and information extraction with considerable success. Motivated by this success, many projects have been under taken to build similar lexical databases for other languages.

At a high level, our approach is semi-automatic and centred around building a Kurdish alignment for Base Concepts, which is a core subset of major meanings in WordNet. More specifically, we use a bilingual dictionary and simple set theory operations to translate and align synsets and use a corpus to extract usage examples. The effectiveness of our prototype database is evaluated via measuring its impact on a Kurdish information retrieval task.

WordNet schema for KurdNet
Base Concepts' Entity-Relationship schema in WordNet


The following table shows the main statistical properties of Base Concepts and its alignment in KurdNet:

Base Concepts KurdNet (Max) KurdNet (Min)
Synset No. 4689 3801 2145
Literal No. 11171 17990 6248
Usage No. 2645 89950 31240

Get KurdNet

Download KurdNet at https://github.com/sinaahmadi/kurdnet.

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